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About Niche Free

Niche Free is a niche marketing blog that is focused on helping people find and make money off of niche markets. As more and more gigantic corporations increase their presence on the internet, it becomes harder for us little guys to compete. However, a one-man shop running a business out of the garage or basement has a few advantages over these massive conglomerates. We can be more agile, and are able to give more attention and detail on smaller segments of the market. We can be experts in our razor-thin fields. We can jump on new markets long before they become saturated. That’s the beauty of the internet – it’s growth is almost guaranteed over the next few decades, and we’ll never run out of niche markets.

My name is Austin – I’m a software developer, photographer, and entrepreneur. I’ve been using the internet for more than half of my life, and in the past few years I’ve been inspired to find niche markets, create websites, and make money. I recently started blogging for Niche Free, freeing up Jerry so he can focus on his other websites. My goal is to share my passion for niche marketing, with the hope you will be inspired to start and improve your own online businesses.  I thrive on the success stories of fellow entrepreneurs, and I’d love to hear about your own websites. Feel free to contact me.

I currently run several dozen websites: stores, blogs, affiliate sites, directories, forums, social networking & file sharing sites – I try to diversify as much as possible. Not all of my sites are successful, but the ones that are make it worth it. It can be a little taxing at times, having to keep up with programming languages, databases, SEO, PPC, affiliates, graphic design, etc… But that’s also the nice thing about this business – it has so many diverse aspects that you never get bored.

Jerry founded this website in 2008. Jerry is fairly new to the internet game and has only been actively blogging since February 2008, hoping to make some extra income. Before that he served in the United States Army for four years. He just completed his first term of service in January 2008 and is a proud combat veteran.

It’s an honor to be able to run this blog, and I hope to continue the tradition of quality content and useful information on this site. I wish Jerry the best of luck in his future internet ventures.

Take a look at our recent posts here on Niche Free – I hope you find what you’re looking for. Good luck finding and monetizing your very own niche market!