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Finding Niche Markets by Reading the Newspaper

November 8, 2008 by  
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Finding a niche market and making a profit from it are not difficult tasks.  All you have to do is be observant and think outside of the box.  Find a niche, set up a blog and you are in business.

Reading your local newspaper is a great way to find a niche that you can turn around and use to make money.  Take 20 minutes a day to read and you will soon have a number of prosperous niche blogs and websites.

Scan the headlines for some general topics that are of interest.  You will find excellent topics in the special sections of the paper – fashion, religion, etc. – and you can look at the specific articles for more refined niche ideas.

Jot down 5 or 10 ideas while scanning the paper.  Once you are online, do some research:

What are people saying about the topic?

Is this a topic that lots of people are discussing?

Is there a lot of competition?

Then ask yourself how you can make money from this idea.  Are there products that are related to it?  Are there books or reports that you can sell?  Do a Google search of the topic and “affiliate” to see if you have some ideas.

You can also create a product for your niche topic.  Write up a short report or guide that provides a solution to whatever problem your niche might have.  Offer it for sale on your blog or website.

As a quick example, let me share with you what I did:  I was scanning the paper and saw an article that discussed how local school kids had issues with head lice when they went back to school.  (Ick, right?)  So I found a Clickbank product that cures this problem and became an affiliate.

I put together a blog, added content and a link to the product and found some parenting forums.  I put a link in my signature and then became a participating member in the forums.  (I did not spam!)  People saw the link in my signature and went to my blog.  Hooray!

Take a few minutes to look around you and you will find all of the ideas you need for niches.


2 Responses to “Finding Niche Markets by Reading the Newspaper”

  1. niche store on February 5th, 2009 7:53 pm

    i used this idea during the election. obviously obama was a hot topic, so i was able to create a store focusing on the president elect. my case was a but more general.
    i will have to scan my local papers and put your ideas to work.

  2. Rita on February 16th, 2009 7:41 pm

    Another way of finding a niche is to see what people are wanting to buy. An easy way to do this is to go to , where you can search all of Craigslist by keyword. Then, type in something like ‘want to buy’ and see what people are after.