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Going Viral

June 24, 2010 by Austin  
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It is extremely encouraging to see individuals buying brand new .com domains and making huge profits off them within onlly a few months. People Of Walmart is a perfect example. Such a simple premise – take a few photos of funny-looking people, write a short comment, and post to a basic WordPress blog. Spending only $10 on a domain, a few hours of time getting WordPress setup, and taking a bunch of photos scored this site over a million visitors a month.

I had lost hope at finding reasonable domain names after the dot-com bust, but now I’m realizing you just have to be creative and current. You have to be agile – jumping onto each fad early before it saturates. Sometimes all it takes is a little widget, like a Jersey Shore name generator that people can post on Facebook and their own blogs. Twitter is another great way to spread the news about your site. Twitter search is a perfect way to find popular people who might be interested in spreading your new site.

So how do you come up with the next big viral marketing idea? Look at life through a marketing lens – watch for trends, pick up on comedy in everyday things that people can relate to, watch TV and stay current. Follow Digg, Reddit, and other social networking sites to monitor what’s hot. Google trends is another great way to find hot topics.

Once you find your great idea and successfully go viral, you still have more work to do – make sure you have a game plan to make money. Sell adspace? Adsense? T-shirts? Relevant affiliate deals? Build your SEO network? Sell your site? If you really hit it big, you can always sign a book deal.

The nice thing about this stuff is you can usually rubber stamp it. Once you build a name generator, you could use for for every hot MTV show, video games, and movies. WordPress blogs are pretty easy to mass-produce too… and it certainly easier if you have some lackeys to do some of the grunt work.

Keep the dream alive – going viral may not be a realistic expectation for anything, but the sites you can build may keep things interesting in comparison to boring, thin, affiliate sites and other stereotypical money-making sites.


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