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New Niche Marketing idea-Used Jet Ski

August 18, 2008 by  
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New niche marketing idea-Used Jet Ski.

I just got back from an awesome weekend in San Diego, CA. My wife and I attended her annual family reunion which is held at Mission Bay. The weather was great, the water temperature was perfect, and the food was excellent.

My wife’s uncle had brought his two jet ski’s for everyone to ride. So, after some grub I jumped on and took one out for a spin. I had a blast! I was jamming at around 60 mph on the water, doing doughnuts, and jumping other boaters wakes. It was a good time. We had so much fun that my brother and I talked about buying one for our family, which sparked the niche market idea for used jet ski’s.

So after a little research I’ve come up with some keywords and numbers for this niche market idea.


“used jet ski”

  • 14,800 Searches Per Month
  • 28,200 Competing Websites

“used jet skis”

  • 14,800 Searches Per Month
  • 32,700 Competing Websites

“used jet ski for sale”

  • 1,300 Searches Per Month
  • 891 Competing Websites

“used jet ski parts”

  • 880 Searches Per Month
  • 3,080 Competing Websites

“jet ski battery”

  • 1,900 Searches Per Month
  • 5,790 Competing Websites

“used jet ski trailer”

  • 880 Searches Per Month
  • 765 Competing Websites

“used jet ski trailers”

  • 880 Searches Per Month
  • 271 Competing Websites

This would make a perfect BANS site or blog so get to it. :wink:


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