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Niche Marketing Idea-Trek Frames

August 14, 2008 by  
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Some of you may remember my previous post about trek bicycles. The post just explains how bicycling is very popular and can be a profitable niche market if you play your cards right.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve found another niche idea from the Trek bicycling market. It deals with Trek bike frames. This is great because each frame costs hundreds of dollars and that’s excellent especially if you are an ebay affiliate.

There are plenty of ways to profit from Trek bike frames. You can;

  • Build a BANS(Build A Niche Store) site
  • Create a review site
  • PPC ads
  • Article Marketing.

I’m sure you have other way to generate income from this niche market idea. Here are some keywords to help you out.


“trek frame”

  • 1,300 Searches Per Month
  • ONLY 5,140 Compeing websites

“trek frames”

  • 320 Searches Per Month
  • 1,300 Competing Websites

“trek bike frame”

  • 170 Searches Per Month
  • 367 Competing Websites

“trek bike frames”

  • 140 Searches Per Month
  • 200 Competing Websites

“trek bicycle frames”

  • 73 Searches Per Month
  • 60 Competing Websites

“trek road frame”

  • 28 Searches Per Month
  • 191 Competing Websites

“trek road frames”

  • 22 Searches Per Month
  • ONLY 5 Competing websites

All numbers are generated from Google. If you add these numbers together then you are targeting a potential 2,053 visitors a month.

You could build an entire BANS/website around trek frames. BANS will also provide fresh content for the keyword term. I would hurry and jump on this niche market before it gets saturated!


2 Responses to “Niche Marketing Idea-Trek Frames”

  1. Elijah on August 14th, 2008 2:52 pm

    Man, legwork much appreciated.

    High priced, low comp products are ideal for BANs – and I actually think I might “jump on this” for a next BANs site.

    Haven’t built one in a while!

    It’s very generous of you. I have Wordtracker so I can do my own research, but for those who don’t – you’ve really provided a great starting point with enough information.

  2. Trek Frame on August 23rd, 2008 3:10 pm

    Thanks..I just built site with PHPBay..will see how it goes. I will post your blog and my progress in my blog later.