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Everybody needs help finding a profitable niche, from the top dogs to the beginner. That is why I have compiled a list of free resources to help you find a profitable niche. You may already know where to access these free resources, but I will list them anyways.

- SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool -This is one of my favorite tools, I use this tool everyday. Not only does it provide keyword search results, it also provides the average cost per click, Google trends, Google traffic estimator, Google suggestion, and overall daily searches for all three search engines. You can utilize this free tool to to find hot key words and search results to determine profitable niche markets.

- Free Wordtracker keyword research tool -This is another keyword research tool. It’s the free edition, so you would only get the first 100 results I think. It’s worth checking out.

- Google Trends – Is excellent tool to find out what people are searching for any day.
It is an excellent resource and it also gives you the top 100 search terms which are updated periodically. It’s relatively easy to use. Just type in a search term and Google will break it down by related keywords supported by graphs and charts. You can then determine your niche market.

- Digg – I love Digg! Digg is another excellent free resource for finding niche markets. Just browse through some of the digg’s categories and find some of the top stories that people enjoy. Now try to find a niche market that relates to some of the stories you are browsing, make sure your market relates to popular stories.

- Ebay – eBay is another great resource to find profitable niche markets. You can visit eBay’s pulse page and view the top searched items buyers are searching for. Once you find a hot key word. You could then use the keyword with the SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool to narrow down your niche market.

- SEO Power – A quick little seo tool I use to quickly pull up Google pagerank, indexed pages in the search engines, and information about the links on a website.

More tools will be added soon, be sure to bookmark this page. If you have a tool like to share it, feel free to contact me and I will post it on this page.