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Ride the Energy Efficient Wave

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Energy efficiency and products that promote greater power savings are still a growing niche. I know this is related to my recent green niche marketing post, but there’s so much money here I just can’t pass this up! The increasing cost of energy prices coupled with our insatiable thirst for oil and other energy producing sources is fueling greater demand. We are currently exploring new alternate energy sources and efficient green power generation technologies such as wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power, geothermal power, and newer technologies such as wave power and tidal power, to feed this increased demand while lowering costs. What this creates is a heightened awareness of energy costs and household energy draws. Consumers have different ideas why to conserve energy, whether to lower their monthly bills and save money, or to preserve the environment, they both lead to a new ‘energy efficiency’ niche.

A perfect example of a website that aims to profit off this niche is the Green Efficient Guide. They have information for various efficient, green products, and make commissions off sales through sites like Amazon. With energy calculators for each individual television model that calculate both annual energy uses and energy costs based on both the on power and the standby power, you get the actual cost to run the device. By making this available to the consumer along with the other efficiency data for each electronic device is helpful in making an informed decision about efficient electronics. It’s pretty cool-  all of the efficient televisons listed are energy star rated for excellent power savings, as are the home electronics and audio video devices. With the incoming recession, everybody is trying to pinch pennies where they can, and energy efficiency is no small potato. Five percent of electricity used in the United States goes to standby power resulting in a whopping $4 billion a year in wasted energy costs. And it’s no wonder, how many electronic devices do you have plugged in at home? Cell phones charging (once the phone is charged, most charging devices continue to draw power), DVD players, televisions, gaming consoles, electric toothbrushes, etc, all can add up very quickly to compose a decent percentage of your electricity bill. It’s a great idea for a website – now it’s your turn to profit off this niche!


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  1. Free Ideas on April 29th, 2009 11:29 am

    Nice ideas! I got lots of free ideas for green electricity and different ways to use green energy on Open Patents –

  2. Latest Technology News on September 20th, 2009 3:23 am

    Yeah this trend is ever growing people and tend to look for more energy efficient resources and products.