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March 2, 2009 by  
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software nicheThere are numerous ways to make money off the software niche. If you’re able to write code, then you probably have the upper hand, but you can definitely profit off of other people’s software as well. For starters, you can always host a freeware site and make money off the traffic. Or you can host paid software and make money off of software affiliate programs and the like.

If you’re able to code, or if you have some great ideas and are able to find a reliable programmer, there’s even more potential. Freeware can work on many levels – everyone’s looking for free software, so the traffic potential is enormous. You can distribute your software to the thousands of freeware sites (there are great automated ways to do this), and benefit from the thousands of great backlinks to your site. You can also experiment with bundling some pay-per-install applications with your own software. And of course, if your product is useful enough and there’s enough demand, you can sell it at a reasonable price. If people are willing to buy your software, you have even more opportunities, as you can advertise with PPC and banners ( on relevant niche-targeted sites, of course ).

I do like to support people who make great software that I use on a daily basis. One such product, and a perfect example of taking advantage of the software niche is Format HTML. Format HTML is a code beautifier that you run against your messy HTML (or even Coldfusion code) and it will instantly format and indent HTML. It inspects all your mark up tags (HTML, CFML, XML, etc.) and will indent them according to which tags you decide should be handled by modifying a config.ini file. You simply drag and drop your files or folders onto Format HTML and the program will make backups of all your files first and then clean up all the file types specified in the config.ini file. Lastly, it can be easily used with CFEclipse, Eclipse, DreamWeaver, HomeSite, or any other editor for tidying up your code. I use it on a lot of my websites (especially the ones where I spend a lot of time tweaking the html) and it has worked out great.

We spend so much time on computers these days, surely you have some good ideas for software that would make your life easier. I’ve only scratched the surface on the software niche marketing, I have plans to go more in depth over the next couple months. Stay tuned!


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  1. bryce on April 16th, 2009 2:20 am

    This was a very interesting article and I have a software program that I had designed a while back. After having it reviewed by numerous online marketers, the results came back very favourable. I am wondering now about the right way to market it. I wonder if anyone here would assist?