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SEO Tips for Niche Marketers

March 12, 2009 by  
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SEO Tips for Niche Marketers

So, you’ve figured out your niche market and have a website, and now you’ve arguably reached the toughest part – how do I get traffic to my site? Paying for traffic via banners and PPC does not always make sense and may not be feasible for your business. Or maybe you just want to supplement your current traffic sources. After all, SEO traffic is typically the best you can get – targeted, high-converting, and best of all, free (nothings actually free, but we often have more... [Read more of this article]

New Niche Market Idea – Car Bike Racks

October 3, 2008 by  
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I was surfing the net when I found this potential niche market. I got this idea from a bike blog I was visiting. I then did some research and found a niche market for Phpbay, bloggers, and BANS users. This niche market is car bike racks. Though you would think this niche market is saturated, the stats are surprising. These stats were generated last Saturday, though I’m sure they are accurate, you may want to verify them using the Google keyword tool. Here we go! KEYWORDS: “car bike rack” 4,400... [Read more of this article]